Our Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Review

Our Rainbocorns Sequin Surprise Review

We were kindly sent a Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise in exchange for our honest review. This post contains an affiliate link.

Today, 28th June 2019, is global hatching day for the Rainbocorns! And we were excited to be a part of this moment as our big blue egg with its orange unicorn horn hatched to reveal a…

… bright pink, watermelon scented Flamingocorn!

Surprise, surprise!

Fia now wants to collect the whole set of Rainbocorns and has asked for another one for her birthday! She loves cuddly toys, the only problem would be finding space on her bed to store them.

But first, let me backtrack to the beginning of the week…

On Monday I received a large cardboard box from the courier but I was under strict instructions not to open the parcel or reveal its contents until TODAY!

We were all intrigued to open it and so the suspense built up…

At last we were able to open the box to reveal a giant blue egg called a Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise (along with a smaller bonus pink egg called a Rainbocorn Sparkle Heart).


Our first impression is that the egg is really HUGE – and it has a twirly horn on it!

To discover which Rainbocorn was hidden inside, we had to unwrap two layers of plastic (I’m not a big fan of all the plastic wrapping) however, this just increased the anticipation and revealed the fragrance of the Rainbocorn – sweet and fruity, maybe strawberry, maybe something else?

outer shell of the rainbocorn

The Rainbocorn has a big removable heart on the front of the egg shell which is covered in reversable sequins. Stroking the sequins revealed a hidden watermelon, which finally explained the fragrance! We were also given a little ‘hatching hint’ which gave us a clue to which rainbocorn was lying inside, waiting to be hatched…

Finally we cracked the egg and Carl was born – a super soft and fluffy, sweet smelling Flamingocorn! (He’s actually called Coral according to the collector’s guide but according to Fia his name is Carl, and why can’t boys be pink?)

pink flamingocorn
Carl with his new mummy

We realised the sequin heart snaps onto the belly of the Rainbocorn and has a clip on the back so it can be worn as an accessory too.

Underneath the Rainbocorn we discovered a whole bunch of extra surprises! There’s a tiny egg at the base which when opened revealed a baby colour changing Boo-boocorn which can be popped onto the top of a pencil.

Baby boo-boocorn (40 to collect)

The egg also contained a set of stickers, a charm bracelet, a collectors guide and a pack of Rainbocorn poop! The poop consists of a variety of colours in soft fluffy foam-like scented substance that can be moulded and blended into a new colour.

This toy holds great appeal with all of its various surprises and extra little gifts but the Rainbocorn itself is a real winner with its big loveable blue eyes (he obviously inherited those from his mummy) as well as being so soft and cuddly.

Personally I would prefer to see less plastic in the wrapping. Once the egg is open the big plastic shell has limited use, perhaps if it was designed to clip together so that you could use it as a storage unit for smaller toys or accessories, this toy could be brought up another notch.

Here’s the video of our Rainbocorn reveal!:

Rainbocorns Series 2 (RRP: £29.99) comes in 13 sweet-scented collectible characters from six animal themes – Pandacorns, Flamingocorns, Llamacorns, Unicorns, Lioncorns, and Owlcorns. The addition of a rare chaser Rainbocorn in the form of a golden Flamingocorn brings further excitement and collectability appeal. 

Rainbocorns Series 2 and Sparkle Hearts are suitable for ages 3+.

Is Rainbocorn poop edible?

Surprisingly this is the number one question that people ask according to Google Analytics on this review page! The short answer is I don’t know but I would not recommend trying it. Just because something smells nice, that doesn’t mean it’s good enough to eat – take soap, hand cream, candles and bath bombs for example. For more information on the edibility of Rainbocorn poop I would suggest you contact the makers directly.

For more info or to buy your own Rainbocorn, click here.

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