I Also Believe in Love

Recently I was driving somewhere and Carly Simon’s ‘Coming Around Again’ – one of the anthems of my teenage heart-break years – was on the radio. Obviously I sang it at full volume, I know each and every word, although I don’t actually have a clue what she’s on about. Babies sneezing and fixing toasters […]

‘Saul’ and the ‘White Goose Cafe’ – a tale of a big bully

Once upon a time in Dublin there was a little boy called Saul who set up shop at the edge of the playground. He called his shop the ‘White Goose Café because he wanted to pretend to make food and drinks for the other children at break time. I don’t know why he picked that […]

Stirring ashes for embers

Stirring ashes for embers On mourning the loss of a child There is one word that springs to mind as I recall the year that has past : ashes.  A thick choking blanket that quenched a bright spark. I haven’t written about some of my memories of this time last year as the moments I […]

The thing I do for nobody else but me, until it’s done

Above: My flowerbed fantasy – Botanical Gardens, Nantes This is a post I’m writing for myself, but you’re welcome to read it. It’s possibly about gardening – which I’m not great at – but it could equally be about a book. All I had was a germ of an idea. I didn’t have a ‘story to […]

On going Self Hosted on my Blog with SiteGround

A short story on my journey onto a self hosted site with SiteGround ~Affiliate post – my full disclosure policy can be found here ~ For almost 18 months I treated blogging as a hobby, a guilty pleasure! (Weird how I felt guilty about taking time out from house cleaning etc to write but it […]