My flowerbed fantasy - botanical gardens, Nantes

Everyday Moon Girl walked with her friend Mirror to the fields where they work. They had worked side by side for many years and knew one another’s rhythms and ways. Moon Girl loved Mirror dearly even though when she looked at her she didn’t always like what she saw. Mirror was very good at telling the truth and that left Moon Girl feeling uncomfortable sometimes. Maybe she thought that Mirror was disappointed in her and expected better. Even so, Moon Girl knew that Mirror loved her deeply and felt like she would always be forgiven for her foibles.

Their work was heavy labour and on hot days it made them sweat out great exhausting drops. On those days they would rest in the shade by the stream at the edge of their land, dipping in their hot, tired feet while they shared their lunch. Mirror explored with food in creative ways and always brought something unexpected for Moon Girl. At times she unexpectedly brought nothing. Usually though she brought a bounty. Moon Girl was consistent in remembering to bring something but she wasn’t always adventurous. Sometimes other girls from their field as well as the surrounding fields would join them and they’d all place their offerings on a central mat to share. Their little lunch would become a feast of variety at those times.

One day Moon Girl had to walk alone as Mirror was sent off to work in a different area of the estate. She was feeling a little lonely and quiet. It wasn’t long though before her attention was caught by the subtle sounds around her of birds and tiny creatures in the hedgerows. She slowly became aware that the songs and chirps wove together to form a melody which grew in beauty and strength. Moon Girl felt she recognised the song and started to join in with her own quiet voice. It gave her courage and as her voice strengthened so her pace increased with confidence.

Once she arrived at the field she had been sent to that day she met up with some other girls she knew and they set to work with the task of weeding between the rows of tall green crops. She hummed the tune she had learnt that morning. Through the greenery of the plants she heard the girl in the next row join her in song which in turn was picked up by girls on the far side. She was delighted to discover the girls had already learnt the tune and unknowingly they all had something in common. She then began to wonder why she hadn’t noticed this before. “I’m Moon Girl”, she said, “What’s your name?” “Echo”, was the reply, “Lovely to meet you”. Moon Girl was delighted she had a new friend, and one with whom she could sing the song.

The next morning Mirror was back walking with her to their work and Moon Girl couldn’t wait to teach her the new song she had learnt. Mirror smiled and joined in on the chorus. Moon Girl was really surprised. “Why have you never taught this to me before?” she asked. “I wanted you to hear it for yourself first”, she replied “because it sounds more beautiful when you hear it from it’s source”.

As they walked and sang together the song grew in strength and complexity with the addition of their own variations. Moon Girl marvelled at how she wouldn’t have known any of this if she hadn’t been walking alone the previous day. She saw how she could now add her voice to a lovely chorus of other girls. She realised that the future times of having to go to unfamiliar parts of the estate on her own could be opportunities for her to see new things and learn more which in turn would bring her joy she hadn’t imagined before. She started to become excited about what future adventures could possibly lie ahead.

Part Two

2 thoughts on “Part One : The Song”

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, very helpful! I asked my teen to read it and although she may not have caught all the meaning she enjoyed it so thought it maybe more appropriate for her age group. It is quite simple but I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and I’m already dreaming up more stories 🙂

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