Review of Dixit board game – telling a story in pictures

dixit cards

Review of Dixit board game – telling a story in pictures

Dixit is a beautifully illustrated game that is all about telling the story. It consists of a deck of 84 gorgeous picture cards that players use to creatively weave together a common theme, sentence or tale.

I love that this game is all about story telling and stimulating the imagination. It’s a gentle game, not at all stressed and is played at a leisurely pace – perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon or after a huge Christmas meal!

cover of the box

How to Play Dixit:

At the start of each round all players are dealt 6 cards. Each player gets a turn to be the story teller, if it’s your turn, you select a card from your hand and tell everyone what your idea or story is, based on that card. It may be a word, a catch phrase, a title of a film or a book – whatever catches your imagination.

All the other players then select a card from their own hand that ties in as close as possible to the story teller’s card. Using the coloured voting tokens, all players, except for the story teller, vote on which card they think actually belongs to the story teller.

game layed out
Game in play

Points are awarded if other players vote for the card you’ve played in that round. Once you’ve tallied up your points for a round, you move your corresponding coloured wooden rabbit around the board. The winner is the first person to reach a score of 30 points on the built-in game board.

A handy tip: If you have the game Mysterium which contains similar sized illustrated cards, both sets of cards can be used to enhance the other game to improve the longevity of each.

inside of the box with tokens and cards
close up of the built-in score board and contents of the game

Contents of Dixit:

  • A board built in to the box with a scoring track
  • 84 Illustrated over sized cards
  • 36 Voting tokens (six tokens per player in six different colours)
  • 6 Different coloured wooden rabbits
voting and rabbit tokens

Specs of Dixit:

  • For 3-6 players
  • Aged 8 and up
  • Game play takes approximately 30 minutes

Where to buy your own copy of the Dixit board game:

The current RRP for Dixit is £29.99 or €35, however, there may be specials on at the moment! You can buy your own Dixit game here. (Note this is an affiliate link, if you make a purchase I receive a tiny commision at no extra cost to you).

back of the box
The back of the box

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