Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel Review

Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel Review

[Ad] We were kindly sent two samples of Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel for problem skin by FW Medical in order to take part in a product test for research purposes and to write a review. This post is a summary of the findings of the test as well as our review of Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel.

The teen years are a tricky time for the skin in particular. Teenagers struggle with all sorts of problems with breakouts of spots, blackheads and whiteheads on various parts of the body but, as the face is the part of us that greets others first, it’s the part that we are often most self conscious about.

Eva is my eldest daughter, she has just turned 18, and she says that having spots makes her feel insecure and she feels the need to cover up with makeup. She had been battling spots on her face for a number of years and we tried all sorts of creams, lotions and face washes to try and help her skin to clear up. I wasn’t keen for her to try any hormonal pills so I was interested to learn more about Silicolskin when I was approached for the product test.

About Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel

Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel is a 10 minute application gel that is designed to bind and reduce baceria, clear excess oil (sebum) and impurities and reduce spots and blackheads. It is suitable for use on hormonal and menopausal skin.

The key ingredient in Silicolskin gel is colloidal silica which works naturally to absorb impurities. Silicolskin contains no perfume, alcohol or parabens. It’s a translucent non-sticky gel which comes in a handy 50ml tube.

Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel Review

Eva’s experience with Silicolskin

I suggested that Eva used Sillicolskin for a whole month before we provided any feedback on the product test. As hormonal spikes can cause breakouts on your skin, I thought it best for her to pass through a menstrual cycle so that we could take this into account.

Amazingly Eva noticed changes within one day of use, she had no new spots and the existing ones reduced.

After using Silicolskin for a month her skin’s appearance is much smoother with little to no breakouts. She has an occassional small spot on her chin or near her mouth and her forehead is clear. Overall she is very happy with the results.

The gel is translucent

We were provided with questionaires which she filled in before she started using Silicolskin as well as after one month of using it and here are her findings:

What we liked about Silicolskin

Eva liked how it is light textured and unscented.

She liked that you didn’t have to use it every day – the product directions advise that you use it once a day max five times a week in the same area.

I think it’s great that it doesn’t contain any harsh or damaging ingredients like alcohol.

At £9.79 (approx €11) for for a 50ml tube which lasts for at least 2 months, I think it is incredible value.

What she didn’t like:

Her skin felt dry afterwards but she was able to counteract this by using a moisturiser.

Before using Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel:

Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel Review
Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel Review
Eva before using the Silicolskin gel

After using Silicolskin Colloidal Silica Gel for one month:

In her second month of use Eva noticed a couple of spots on her cheeks which she didn’t have before. However, she had started applying suncream to her face during this time and we wonder whether this could be a possible reason for the new spots.

Eva rates Silicolskin:

  • Product overall: Very Good
  • Cleansing effect: Very Good
  • Feeling of your skin after product use: Very Good
  • Consistency of the product: Just right
  • “The use of the product has given me a fresher and younger look”: Rather Agree
  • “The use of the product improved my skin quality”: I completely agree
  • “After using, the number of pimples on my face have reduced”: I completely agree
  • “After using, the number of blackheads on my face have reduced”: I completely agree
  • “After using, the number of blocked pores on my face have reduced”: I completely agree
  • “After using, the excess oil on my face has reduced”: rather agree

Additionally Eva said she would agree that this product is fast acting, effective and has improved the overall appearance of her skin complexion.

In summary, Eva is very happy with the results and would recommend Silicolskin to a friend.

Personally, as her mother I am so relieved we have found a product that has helped her and I am looking forward to seeing them stocked in our local health shops here in Ireland.

Special Discount code:

Silicolskin have very kindly offered a special £2 off discount code ‘CLEARSKIN’ for my readers which is valid for deliveries to UK and ROI only until 31st July 2020! If you would like to try it yourself, you can order yours on the FW Medical website here:

Eva is delighted with the results!

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