Simple Parenting Hack for the Car

This is so simple I don’t know why I never thought of it before, but that’s true of all simple things isn’t it?

How many times have you wished for a soundproof barrier between the front seats of your car and your rambunctious crew behind you? Do you think it’s possible I might have a few minutes peace and quiet with some literary distraction?

Yesterday I popped four children’s books into the back pockets of my car seats, my four kids are tweens and teens, one boy and three girls, so I tried to pick four that might appeal to more than one of them.

I don’t imagine they’ll read a whole book but my theory is that with nothing better to do they might pick one up and have a read when they’re fed up with arguing with their siblings. And then who knows they may eventually work their way through a few childhood classics.

These books may be a bit of an idealistic choice, perhaps I should opt for some comic books instead. I’ll know by the end of this week whether this experiment has been a success or a fail and what books to swap out.

The other simple thing I’ve just tried is typing up this brief post on my phone. It’s the quickest one I’ve ever written, here’s to blogging in the car too!

Now it’s time to go and put the washing on.

Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian and Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild in my car seat pocket

6 thoughts on “Simple Parenting Hack for the Car”

  1. Great idea – I’m all for encouraging reading. If they have gravitated to the novels, try a book of short stories, or even funny stories.

  2. Great ide, Liberty! And I love the two choices I can see, Little Women and The Jungle Book. For me, another idea might be to have the kids take turns reading aloud to each other. For that I might choose a younger reading level so that it’s easy for them to get through and more ‘light-hearted’. Okay, going off on a whole different tangent, what about getting four copies of simple plays in one or two acts? Each child could take a part or two. I can imagine a great fun ride.

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