Review – Simple Internet Safety for Parents

SimplCyberLife review Review – Simple Internet Safety for Parents

Have you ever wished that internet safety could be simple for parents? SimpleCyberLife is a website that pulls everything together on one handy platform, here is my review.

My four kids are in three different schools and every year at least one of them offers an internet safety talk for parents. If I paid enough attention, by now I should be an expert! There is plenty to take on board and as our children always seem so much more internet savvy than I am, I always feel as though I am one step behind them.

I have learned two things from the talks, the first is it’s a bad idea to allow any internet enabled devices in their bedrooms, and we have stuck to this policy as well as we could up until very recently. However, now that our 15 year old son is studying for his exams and he uses an iPad for school, we have allowed him to study in the quietness of his own room.

We also have an almost 18 year old daughter who has been given more leeway and privacy now that she is approaching adulthood and so she has been allowed her phone in her bedroom. We have extended her more trust, I believe that being an over controlling parent isn’t healthy for relationships.

However, as parents we do have concerns, we naturally don’t want our children to be vulnerable to online threats such as predators, bullies, groomers and fraud.

With having four children, it’s almost impossible to be peering over their shoulders all the time to see what they are watching, or know who has contacted them. Review – Simple Internet Safety for Parents
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The second thing I have learnt is that there is so much that I don’t know about the internet. For example, I thought a catfish was just an ugly type of fish, but apparently there’s an online human variety that’s even uglier! As if parenting wasn’t hard enough already, we have to get our heads around online protection too. If only someone made it simple!!…

…Oh wait…!! 😀 😀

seven children in the distance in the woods, Review - Simple Internet Safety for Parents
I am trying to allow my kids a bit of space!! But is this the only way to protect them online, by not taking any close-up photos anymore? Apparently not…

Introducing Simple Internet Security for Parents with!

Recently I was approached by *, the first membership site worldwide aimed at helping parents with online security, in order to explore and review the services they offer. is a membership platform which offers a variety of benefits and a wealth of resources all relating to online security. Some of the topics include setting parental controls, how to validate other people’s online identities, safety around social media, cleaning up your digital footprint – how to remove stuff online that you don’t want there anymore, and how to recognise the signs of cyber bullying in your children.

This website isn’t specifically aimed at parents; it would be helpful for anyone to be honest.

List of Benefits of Joining

You may be wondering what the advantages are of becoming a paid member of when you could just do a bit of online research yourself for free? Here is a list of the benefits of joining the site:

  1. Everything you need to know about internet safety is in one place! You don’t have to waste time by searching everywhere online for the tools or information you need every time you have a security related query.
  2. There is a Member Forum where you can interact with other members and experts. This is the place where you can post up any and every question you have, and because this isn’t a huge machine of a business, you will receive personalised help and answers to your questions.
  3. Your own Member Dashboard with all your saved How-To videos and any other news, discussions or info.
  4. Monthly member Q&A calls.
  5. Protection Plans – an in-detail section with step-by-step guides to putting digital security in place on all the devices in your household. Does’t only tell you what to do but shows you how to do it.
  6. A How-To library choc-a-bloc with helpful videos and printable manuals on a range of topics. These are all downloadable in both video or printed format so that you can come back and read or listen to them later.
  7. A Deep Dive library filled with resources which are more extensive and contain more detailed information.
  8. SOS centre where you can go if you need help straight away with an issue.
  9. Opportunity to be connected with online professionals like Elizabeth Milovidov – the ‘Oprah Winfrey of internet safety’!
  10. Additional services such as a Cyber Boot Camp, Personal Coaching and Home Visits can be purchased.

What is My Verdict on

boy's folded legs on the couch, Review - Simple Internet Safety for Parents

I find the website really user friendly. It is easy to navigate, all the information is clearly presented and uncomplicated to follow. I like how you are not only told what to do but shown how to do it in simple easy to understand steps.

If you are like me and feel like you don’t have the time to go searching on-line for tools to protect your family, it’s handy to have everything in one place that can be easily accessed.

I like that you can save what you need to come back to it later, I’m always losing stuff I find online! Also, every video is available in printable format too – I like that you can print out the information – sometimes a piece of paper in your hands is what you really want!

The site feels personal and approachable as well as professional – every comunication I have had with them has been answered promptly and fully.

For the amount of resources and quality of content, I think the monthly amount is very good value. Also they offer a 30 day full money back guarantee so the risk of joining up is very low.

How to Become a Member of

tweens and teens on their screens

They currently offer three types of membership:

  1. FREE
  2. PREMIUM at only £44.99 for a year or £3.99 per month.
  3. VIP for £179.99 for a year or £14.99 per month which includes phone support and 2×45 minute personal coaching sessions.

The official launch dates of the website are from Monday 3rd Feb to Sunday 9th 9pm and you can buy membership at a special limited offer available to you only with a 30% discount by using this Coupon Code: Z9H8FLIB

For full details on the differences between the types of membership and any other information you can access the * website here.

(A portion of all profits will be donated to a cyber bullying charity.)

*Please note: this post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, for my full disclosure policy click here. I have been gifted a membership of for the purposes of reviewing the site.*

4 thoughts on “ Review – Simple Internet Safety for Parents”

  1. Annette, 3 Little Buttons

    Oh yes, internet safety is always a worry. Especially being able to keep up with the times and all the new ‘things and dangers’. Like you I thought a catfish was a errmmmm fish!? This looks like a great resource that will really come in handy as little ones get older and start becoming more tech savvy. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam.

  2. Kate on thin ice (@kateonthinice)

    We all worry as parents about this issue – that balance between letting them take some risks but keeping them safe at the same time. This looks like an affordable and helpful too #DreamTeam

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