Stems® – the flexible 3D maker toy review

stems toy

Stems® – the flexible 3D maker toy review

We were recently gifted two 20 piece tubs of a cool construction toy called Stems by Learning Resources for review purposes. This toy is designed to stimulate STEM learning (science, technology, engineering and maths) the pieces are tactile, brightly coloured and fun to hold.

Each piece is the same shape and made from a strong and flexible material that makes them easy to twist and clip together. We have made a wide variety of shapes including a ball that bounces, a frog that hops, a bird, a hoop, a couple of little men and even a crown!

stems maker toy set with ball and hoop
Using a 20 piece set we made a ball and a hoop to throw it in to.

Stems’ possibilities are as unlimited as a child’s ingenuity or imagination.

Learning Resources

Stems are recommended for kids aged 5+ and I can see why, as a certain level of manual dexterity is required to clip the bobbly little spines of the stems together. This is a fabulous toy for the development of continuing fine motor co-ordination.

tub containing stems and two characters created out of stem pieces
20 piece set and the two little characters we made

Wowsome! These are really fun to play with. When I bent the pieces I thought they would break but they didn’t and they are easy to clip together.

Our verdict

We love the feel of the Stem pieces, they are tough and come in attractive colours that would appeal to both girls and boys.

This toy is cleverly interactive too, because the pieces are bendy, the frog we made could hop along the ground and the ball bounced.

Although the pieces are tough and sturdy, the set is surprisingly light and easy to transport or store in a classroom setting.

Stems also comes in a tub of sixty pieces which works out as better value for the number of pieces you get. For greater creativity and building a larger variety of different items I would recommend that you buy as big a set as is possible.

Just a quick little video of how we got on with Stems.

More info about the Stems toy can be found here on the Learning Resources website.

Other weird and whacky ideas we came up with using Stems are the ‘never-ending flower’, the ‘funky bracelet’, the ‘bun grabber’ and the super dooper gladiator goggles!

stems maker toy used to make a crown

11 thoughts on “Stems® – the flexible 3D maker toy review”

  1. wow, those look super cool! I have a 4-year old, do you think they’d work for younger kids? Or just be frustrating??

  2. Shannah Holt -Mastering Mom Chaos

    These look really cool! Kids can do so much more than build a structure will be checking them out thanks!

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