1 John 4:8

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A brief look at True Love

Recently I was driving somewhere and Carly Simon’s ‘Coming Around Again’ – one of the anthems of my teenage heart-break years – was on the radio. Obviously I sang it at full volume, I know each and every word, although I don’t actually have a clue what she’s on about. Babies sneezing and fixing toasters – so bewildering? Definitely.

Almost as bewildering as a teenage girl’s love life when the object of my affection changed from one week to the next, depending on which young chappie happened to have caught my eye at Youth Group on a Friday night. If you are reading this now and you were a boy at a particular youth group in Johannesburg in the late 80’s, chances are I had a crush on you at some time or another. You see there’s so much room in a broken heart.Read More »A brief look at True Love