Stirring ashes for embers

Stirring ashes for embers On mourning the loss of a child There is one word that springs to mind as I recall the year that has past : ashes.  A thick choking blanket that quenched a bright spark. I haven’t written about some of my memories of this time last year as the moments I […]

20 Affordable Quality Christmas Gifts for Teen Girls

I thought it would be difficult buying gifts for my teen boy that are not only great quality but are also affordable.  But hang on a sec, my daughter has such definite ideas, she’s no easier! So she wrote a list for me (not a handwritten Father Christmas type note but an online wish list […]

20 Quality Christmas Gifts for Teen Boys that Won’t Break the Bank

Does the thought of Christmas gift buying for your teenaged son send you into a bit of a flap / tailspin / panic?! Here, take a deep breath, grab a nice cup of tea and a note pad ‘cos I have at least 20 ideas for you. Now that two of my kids are teens […]

Remembering a child at Christmas

Last Christmas was so unbearably sad. My eight year old nephew had passed away on the 17th December and we just did not know how to make our way through the ‘season of joy’. Everything was bitter, cold and so very dark.

Another year older, another year wiser?

Christmas – a time of reflection, family, faith and a baby. I was thinking how a lot happens in 365 days and it made me wonder just how many babies are born each year. (Two arrived to two of my siblings so they are in part responsible). I did a little bit of an online […]