coloured pencils

Coloured pencil sketch of a brown and white Jack Russell terrier

Drawing Dogs – some Tips, Tricks and Tools

Drawing Dogs  – some Tips, Tricks and Tools ~ This post contains affiliate links. Click here to read my full disclosure policy ~ How do you draw a dog when they don’t sit still for very long? The answer is either you draw very fast or you take photographs! Dogs… Read More »Drawing Dogs – some Tips, Tricks and Tools

standing by the sea

Illustrating poetry for the ‘S-Mum’

Illustrating poetry for the ‘S-Mum’ My blog has been mostly all writing with very little illustration but working on a little collaboration with another blogger can bring out some new ideas and forge new friendships, both fabulous things to do! So, here am I, down in Wexford, the sunny South… Read More »Illustrating poetry for the ‘S-Mum’