Top 59 Valentine’s Day Travel Destinations – A Parents’ Wishlist

Top 59 Valentine’s Day Travel Destinations – A Parents’ Wishlist ~ This post contains affiliate links. Click here to read my full disclosure policy ~ Parents are people who fantasize about holidays where we are always allowed to eat our own dinner. We imagine that not looking like a pack mule in the airport could […]

On Counting to ‘tree’ In Ireland

Is it just me or has anyone noticed how many Irish things come in threes? I reckon it all started 5200 years ago in an underground stone passage at Newgrange with this carving on a rock: (Click here too for more beautiful visuals of Newgrange or Brú na Bóinne). It may be easy, as a […]

26 South African sights you will NEVER see in Ireland.

That’s right, you will never see these scenes in Ireland (unless you look at my photographs), because these are all typical sites you would find in South Africa. Some of these are so normal to South Africans, it has taken me thirteen years of living in Ireland to realise these are not normal features for […]

Of Kids, Cottage Pie, Chocolate and Turnips (on St Patrick's Day)

  This is not a recipe, really. It’s just poorly photographed discussion around something delicious. There are some really beautiful food blogs out there, and this is not one of them. My cooking is more about fueling the masses on a daily basis. So last night I made cottage pie for 9 and while I was […]

The 'Krismis' Bed

In a big country inhabited mostly by people with small houses -like South Africa- Christmas and Easter time could usually mean a long journey home to be with your family and no bed for you to sleep in when you get there. I heard an Afrikaans person once talk about a ‘Krismis Bed’ and I love the holiday-casual-funness […]