Experimenting with Haiku

Middle of the night Making haiku in my head I wish I could sleep.   Writing haiku is  Difficult, not enough space To say all that I…   Trying to drift off  The dawn chorus gently starts  Too early for joy.   Multiple green shades  Shifting in a cooling breeze I love… Read More »Experimenting with Haiku

A Cup of Coffee

With Five Friends Afar If we were having coffee right now, Laura, we’d both be in Spain. How cool is that! I would be gatecrashing your international conference and we’d be jealous for time together as we’d have so much to talk about. It’s been almost a year since you left… Read More »A Cup of Coffee

empty chair

After my Father Died

After my Father Died I remember the first time we sat around my parents’ dining table after my father died. Apart from him we were all there. Nobody sat in his chair, nobody spoke about it who should or even whether we should. It didn’t feel right. Actually nothing felt right… Read More »After my Father Died