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I ask my kids some questions about our USA Road Trip

When was the last time you saw a kid with their head in their hands bemoaning the holiday budget or the struggle to find affordable online flights? I haven’t, ever, they seem immune to the worries that their parents have prior to and even during travelling. Which is lovely actually,… Read More »I ask my kids some questions about our USA Road Trip

posing in New York City

A Month Away in the USA

It’s 12:30 pm and the kids are all still asleep, which is not surprising considering that their body clocks are set 5 hours behind. Athol has bravely fought his way out from under the covers and dragged his way back to work after bringing me a cup of coffee. This… Read More »A Month Away in the USA

Camping in France – The Aftermath

Camping in France- The Aftermath Three days after we got home from our camping holiday, it looked as though our roof box had exploded. This was the first opportunity to dry out the tent since we had returned off the ferry from France because, yippee! the sun is shining here… Read More »Camping in France – The Aftermath