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homemade takeaways, a seven day family meal plan

Meal Plan – a Week of Homemade Takeaways

Meal Plan – a Week of Homemade Takeaways

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Who DOESN’T love a great takeaway? Not the Brits! Apparently the average UK citizen buys a takeaway two to three times a week and the accumulative cost is in excess of £20,000 over a life time.

We are definitely not representative of the average UK citizen in this household (in fact I’m the only UK born citizen in this household). Takeaways are our birthday dinner treat which means, with six of us, we have them once every two months – such daring extravagance.

The good news is that it’s not all that difficult to make your own delicious ‘takeaway’ dinners at home, it’s way lighter on the waistline and the wallet, and you know that no weird red colours or dodgy meat was added (without you noticing). The only downside is the washing up but praise God for paper plates.

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