A for ‘Orses – an Illustrated Alphabet

This is an illustration project from my student days (dated 1993) and one of the few pieces of my original work that I kept in our move. My mind works in pictures so I had great fun figuring out how to marry words and images together into something more than just a letter. Can you […]

It’s a Dog’s Life by Jeff Lucas

‘It’s a Dog’s Life – Finding the Profound in the Peculiar’ by Jeff Lucas A friend recently lent me ‘It’s a Dog’s Life – Finding the Profound in the Peculiar’ by Jeff Lucas (published by CWR, UK 2016) to read and I absolutely loved it. The blurb on the back says this: With his usual […]

My husband actually THROWS the ‘throw’

My husband actually THROWS the ‘throw’ Some less than perfect household tips for less than perfect ladies On ordering your world when everyone ignores your orders: Firstly – the people: I once invited a stylish friend, Mabel*, over for a cuppa chai latte. (I have introduced you to her already when I briefly spoke about her […]

How to get FILTHY RICH on the INTERNET in 7 EASY peasy steps:

This is INSANE you JAW will LITERALLY hit the FLOOR! You gonna wanna read this because it’s FREE information backed by RESEARCH. And you have to read to the end of this post so that you don’t miss the one SECRET that few people share which is YOUR ticket to success! Making money as a […]

10 beautiful things that make me grateful.

This post is inspired by two other bloggers who both recently wrote lists on gratitude and beauty. I think I’m meant to showcase some new products but as I have not received any freebies I’m not feeling the love need. So instead my first impulse was to write about all my well used household cleaning equipment that […]