What will make me happy today?

What will make me happy today? Social media is one of those modern scary ‘evils’ that has so many articles written about it, I’m not going to bore you with another one. I’m going to try and entertain you instead. Sadly, because I write on a blog, I ought to… Read More »What will make me happy today?

What if the whole internet died?

This time last week storm Ophelia blew our electricity and thus our internet away, which basically meant that to all intents and purposes, to us the whole world wide web had disappeared in a puff. Obviously it was still there but because we couldn’t access it, it may as well not have existed at all.

So then after a few agonising moments of not being able to check what the storm was doing to the rest of Ireland via Twitter or Facebook I quickly moved on to worrying about the world inside these four walls and started hunting for candles and sending hubby to dig out a camping cooker so that we could have a hot dinner.

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