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Pointing at Glory

Pointing at Glory There is nothing in the popular media images of heaven that induces me to want to go there. A bunch of sweetly smiling people dressed as pseudo angels in white robes and feathered wings, while strumming harps, isn’t the kind of place I’d like to spend a… Read More »Pointing at Glory

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A Cord of Three Strands…

Gosh, I just realised something – I think I inadvertently told a few lies when I got married!! I’d better tell my hubby and apologise (it’s been over two decades of deceit, hope he understands). I seem to remember that I promised to love him UNconditionally, for better or worse,… Read More »A Cord of Three Strands…

Unspeakable grief – when our words fail: The Word.

It has been six weeks since my previous post and that’s because words lost all meaning when my sister called me to tell me there was no more hope for her little boy.  Then the sounds and words that came from my mouth are not ones I can rewrite. There… Read More »Unspeakable grief – when our words fail: The Word.

Another year older, another year wiser?

Christmas – a time of reflection, family, faith and a baby. I was thinking how a lot happens in 365 days and it made me wonder just how many babies are born each year. (Two arrived to two of my siblings so they are in part responsible). I did a… Read More »Another year older, another year wiser?