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My Summer Survival Strategy

My Summer Survival Strategy (with my kids!) It might seem like a strange thing to need to a summer survival strategy, but if you have kids, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. At the beginning of the summer holidays last year I wrote a post examining why I find the… Read More »My Summer Survival Strategy

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Our Favourite Lockdown Baking Recipes

Our Favourite Lockdown Baking Recipes Because of the slower pace of life these past three months of lockdown, and maybe also because of a need to comfort eat, (and possibly a sugar addiction) we have been baking up a storm! I have collected a number of recipe books through the… Read More »Our Favourite Lockdown Baking Recipes

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Messages you don’t need to send other Mums on WhatsApp right now

Messages you don’t need to send other Mums on WhatsApp right now Undoubtedly times are different right now during the Covid-19 pandemic and we no longer are able to do what we used to do freely. Hopefully all that will change soon. In the meantime, you might identify with this… Read More »Messages you don’t need to send other Mums on WhatsApp right now

Relish these Present Days

Relish these Present Days Fia is 11 and, being the youngest of my four, is the only one still in the primary school in our village. She usually walks home from school by herself now because she’s old enough, in my opinion, and it’s not that far, but occassionally I’ll… Read More »Relish these Present Days

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Balmonds Skin Salvation Review

Balmonds Skin Salvation Review As a family of six, we all have differing skin issues – some with eczema, some with dry patches of skin or flaky lips, a couple of teenagers with spots (oh yes and me too), and I have cracked heels. You could be forgiven for thinking… Read More »Balmonds Skin Salvation Review