Telestrations Board Game Review – the laugh-out-loud sketch pass & guess party game

groups at the table playing Yelestrations

Telestrations Board Game Review – the laugh-out-loud sketch pass & guess party game

Telestrations was gifted to us for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

Telestrations is an hilarious game – it’s a bit like a cross between Pictionary without the time pressure, and broken telephones. This is one of the funniest games we’ve ever played as a family, it’s left me rolling around with tears streaming down my face.

You can choose whether or not to follow the scoring system so there are no winners or losers in this game, the aim is purely to draw, laugh and have fun.

Telestrations begins when everyone selects a word from the box of cards (from either This Side or That Side) and secretly writes their word inside the front cover of their own little sketch pad.

The game becomes funny when everyone’s sketches and guesses are revealed and they become more and more divergent in their topics/creative interpretaton of the subject. You could easily jump from a sketch of the State of Kentucky to a pizza in only four goes, via Thanksgiving and a pond of polluted water!

That may sound bizarre but here’s a quick breakdown of how that actual round went:

The word to start with was ‘Kentucky’ so the first person drew this:

state of Kentucky sketch
A sketch of the State of Kentucky (note chicken, pie and rough outline of the State!) I really can’t explain that bubble on the bottom right, possibly a semi-deflated celebratory balloon?

So the next person guessed ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’, which is a very reasonable guess based on the sketch with a drum stick that size and a possible balloon(?).

people around the thanksgiving divver table
People sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table

The following person drew the picture above based on those words, note the happy group chatting around a laden table. BUT the person after them thought they saw people swimming in a very dirty river and so their guess was ‘Polluted water’! This lead the next person to draw this:

pond of pilluted water
A pond of polluted water, obviously

The final person looked at this sketch and they guessed ‘pizza’, you could hardly blame them but it’s a far cry from a picture of the State of Kentucky in the first round! 😀

After each round, you could opt to keep score via either the ‘Friendly Scoring’ or ‘Competitive Scoring’ systems. Or you could just play the no pressure option with no scores at all, which is the way we normally do it.

Our Opinions of Telestrations:

I love drawing, and funnily enough, I also enjoy a laugh, so this game is the ideal game in my books. However, even people who claim they can’t draw (like my husband) but who still like a laugh, also thoroughly enjoy the game.

You don’t have to be able to draw to play Telestrations, stick men and symbols work just as well. In fact, the worse you can draw, the greater the potential for some surprising and funny results.

Most board games can only accommodate 4 to 6 players max so it’s great how this game can be played by a large group of up to 8 players.

Telestrations is recommended for ages 12 and up but we play it with our 10 year old and she is well able for it. I think any kids younger than that may sruggle with conceptual drawings.

It’s brilliant how the the little booklets are wipeable so they can be reused an infinite number of times. The only items that may need to be replaced in the contents of the game are dry wipe marker pens.

sketch pads and pens, Telestrations Board Game Review - the laugh-out-loud sketch pass & guess party game
Each sketch pad is cleverly defined by a uniquely coloured spiral binding

I would recommend you cover the table with a wipeable cloth first, or play on an old table so that enthusiastic sketchers don’t end up inadvertently decorating your finest table cloth.

With regular use players may become familiar with the words on the cards, however, you can actually write anything you can think of, from specific items to catch phrases, and these would work just as well.

My final verdict?

If you only buy one game this year, you should definitely buy this one!

Contents of the Telestrations box:

contents of telestrations board game, Telestrations Board Game Review - the laugh-out-loud sketch pass & guess party game
  • A box of cards containing over 1700 words labled This Side on one side and That Side on the other
  • 8 wipeable sketch pads
  • 8 Dry-erase markers
  • 8 Little cloth wipes
  • A 60 second sand timer
  • 1 Die
  • Instructions leaflet

Specs of Telestrations:

  • For 4-8 players (there is another version of the game for up to 12 players, see the link below).
  • For ages 12 and up (there is an adult version of this game too for 17 years and up, see below for more info).
  • Game play takes about 10 minutes per round, but once you get going, you just want to keep playing more and more rounds.

Buying your own copy or copies of Telestrations:

  1. You can buy Telestrations here. (RRP approx £27).
  2. You can buy an expanded twelve player version of the game too.
  3. This game also comes in an adult version for ages 17+ called Telestrations After Dark.

(Please note these are affiliate links above, if you make any purchases I will receive a tiny commission at no extra cost to you.)

For more information on this game and many more you could visit the Asmodee website.

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