The Best we could Hope for…

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The Best we could Hope for…

this year, or any year actually.

This has been a year filled with disappointment as one after the other of our hopes, dreams and plans have been eroded or dashed.

I’m trying to figure out what could be worse about lockdown, to be all on your own, or to be constantly surrounded by the same bunch of people! (Just joking obvs).

The one thing we have shared, whether alone or together, is we have had plenty of time to be reminded of what is important, what we miss and what really annoys us! At the worst we have had to face some of our deepest frustrations and fears.

This Christmas season seems to have been particularly hard for us as many of the events we normally associate with this time of year had to be cancelled.

I was very disappointed that we were unable to travel to celebrate with family as we usually do at this time of the year. However, I was grateful that we could still meet up as a local congregation to worship together albeit in a more subdued and separated way before services are back to meeting online again. (This link will take you to our weekly online services here in Wexford, Ireland, feel free to join us anytime).

At our Christmas service we watched this thought provoking video called The Best we could Hope for by Jonathan Shaw from Grosvenor Road Baptist Church. The words highlight how Covid-19 has forced us to face some of our worst fears, and yet there is a message of hope here that our worst fears need not have any hold over us at all – there is a way out from fear! At a time when we are simply sick and tired of bad news, this is great news, the best news of all, .

Here is a reminder that Christmas is not about the festivities we have missed out on but the freedom we have been invited to share in. And this is a great message to carry with us through to 2021 as we face another uncertain year.

I hope you enjoy it and more importantly that it opens the door for you to that certain hope which we all need…

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