The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes – Part 2

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes - Part 2

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes – Part 2

Argghhhh, will this pandemic just never go away???

Back in May when I compiled a blog post of all the funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes (if you haven’t read it yet, click on that link), I/we never imagined we would still be stuck in this situation in October.

Back then funnies were flying around on various WhatsApp groups and social media platforms faster than a virus travels via airborne droplets after a cough.

Virus memes and jokes were going viral you could say.

Now the jokes seem to be fewer and far between, maybe we are becoming well and truly sick of this sickness?

I know that there is absolutely nothing funny about having Covid-19, and a pandemic is not something to take lightly. However, we simply can’t be beaten down, we have to laugh otherwise we’d all be crying. This pandemic certainly doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast, in the meantime it forces us to have a sense of humour in order to try and make sense of this mess we find ourselves stuck in.

So I have created this Part 2 post with a compilation of all the newest memes and jokes about Covid-19 that I have come across for your personal pleasure and enjoyment. I hope they lighten your day as they did mine.

Here they are, the funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes – Part 2!

Since the beginning of the year some things have changed – most of us are no longer hoarding toilet paper, or homeschooling our kids – for the moment (thanks be to God) – but many things are still the same:

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes - Part 2
I’m finding forgiveness hard

We still can’t really go anywhere and airlines are struggling as we explore our homes rather than the world…

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes - Part 2

My husband purchased a world map and then gave me a dart and said, “Throw this and wherever it lands—that’s where I’m taking you when this pandemic ends.” Turns out, we’re spending two weeks behind the fridge.

feeling sorry for you airlines, not.

So in the meantime we are stuck ay home and this is how we are coping…

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes - Part 2
Oops! You caught me in red handed!

This morning I saw a neighbor talking to her cat. It was obvious she thought her cat understood her. I came into my house, told my dog–we laughed a lot.

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes - Part 2

However, at the end of the day, there’s nothing like relaxing on the couch after a long day of being tense on the couch.

I never thought the comment “I wouldn’t touch them with a six-foot pole” would become a national policy, but here we are!

After years of wanting to thoroughly clean my house but lacking the time, this week I discovered that wasn’t the reason.

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes - Part 2
we just don’t know anymore, we are all seriously confused

Nail salons, hair salons, waxing center and tanning places are closed. It’s about to get ugly out there.

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes - Part 2

If I keep stress-eating at this level, the buttons on my shirt will start socially distancing from each other..

I finished Netflix today.

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes - Part 2

Many sectors have moved to working from home…

but obviously this doesn’t work for all
guess he won’t be calling me then.

Amazing that working from home has taught us various new skills…

and provided us with new opportunities…

But What will the future hold??

And just as we couldn’t predict what would happen this year, we have absolutely no idea what will happen 20 years down the line. However, it had better NOT be this:

One thing we know for sure though…

And finally – forget about those sweet end of year social media highlights because…

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  1. Looking at that 2045 one. Wow! If I’m still around I’ll be 100 years old! By then I probably won’t care what’s happening. I might not even know it’s happening. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. You’re right. We need to keep smiling and laughing. It’s the only way to keep sane.

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