The funniest Covid-19 memes

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes

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OK, I know a pandemic isn’t a joke, and Covid-19 certainly isn’t the funniest situation, but humans have always been remarkable for finding humour in the direst circumstances and this time has brought out some of the funniest memes and jokes! I guess we’ve learned to use humour as a way to cope when things seem to have gone mental all around us.

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This crazy time in our history hasn’t only brought out funny memes, it has brought out the best in us as people too. It’s been amazing to see how communites have rallied around to support one another and protect the vulnerable. There have been a host of adverts emphasising how we stay together by staying apart. Even though we are socially distancing, we are not socially distant as community Facebook groups, friend WhatsApp groups and family Zoom meetings all abound.

OLIGHT Mini Perun

The jokes around this time follow similar themes covering topics like weight gain vs exercise, living in lockdown, wearing masks, the toilet roll buying stampede, working from home, home schooling and poking fun at political leaders. None of them would have made any sense to us a year ago, or even six months ago.

Here is a collection of the funniest memes and jokes that have been flying around the digital universe since the whole Covid-19 pandemic kicked off. If we didn’t laugh about it, we’d be crying.

Life with Covid-19

Now we finally have our 2020 vision, and it’s not pretty!

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes
The funniest Covid-19 memes
The funniest Covid-19 memes

Weight gain

Maybe it’s the stress of being stuck at home or perhaps it’s from not being able to get out to exercise as much, but what ever it is, one of the side effects of this virus is apparently causing us to be hungrier than ever!

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes


Over indulgence hasn’t been limited to food though!

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes

which brings us onto the next topic…


Some parents have been homeschooling for years, now the rest of us know why we love teachers so much.

Or maybe we’ve been practicing ‘unschooling’?

And once the kids get back to school?

The funniest Covid-19 memes

Wearing Masks

Getting to grips with wearing masks certainly has a few challenges…

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes
The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes
The funniest Covid-19 memes


Cutting your hair has become as hot a topic as knowing where to buy toilet paper.

The funniest Covid-19 memes

Summer holidays?

Our travel plans have had to change as we get used to narrowing our horizons.

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes
The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes

Keeping the important parts covered, from your head…

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes

…to your toes.

In the political arena

Good to know our safety is in capable hands!?

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes
The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes

South Africa has a unique perspective:

The funniest Covid-19 memes and jokes

What could we possibly have to worry about??

Perhaps you could add a few more to the collection? If you have some great ones you’d like to share with me pop them into an e-mail at!

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  1. I love posts like this, it’s important to try and find some light in this situation. The Mona Lisa one is a favourite of mine x


  2. Some of the Covid memes about staying inside have been so funny. I really love the mona Lisa one. Thanks for sharing these x

  3. ha ha ha ha!!!! I loved this collection of memes. Some of them are known, some were new. Overall, had a blast going through them. I am going to share this post on my every social media account. Thanks dear.

  4. Great post Liberty. Your ‘Like’ button didn’t load, so couldn’t like it, but I did enjoy it. I have sent you an e-mail with some I received today that were pretty good too. It’s funny that everybody is complaining about gaining weight, but I have lost 7 pounds since mid-March. Go figure!

    1. Thank you that’s great I’ll pop over and look. I don’t know what’s going on with the like button, it’s been erratic since I changed theme but I appreciate the sentiment. Your secret for weight loss could earn you a fortune I’m sure! πŸ˜€

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