The Perfection Pillow by Reflex Pillow – a review

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The Perfection by Reflex Pillow – a review

Let me tell you about the Perfection Pillow Reflex Pillow! This is a very fancy pillow, so fancy in fact that it is way out of my price league (about €90) so you can imagine my delight when I was sent one for review purposes. You can also imagine my disappointment when the EXTREMELY precious pillow was appropriated by Rebecca (aged 11).

To be fair to her, she has been suffering from back and neck pain for over a year, (she’s been checked out, it appears she has extremely stiff muscles and is still growing) and so this pillow has been a relief for her. Athough her lower back pain is consistent, she hasn’t complained of a stiff neck since she’s used the pillow.

perfection pillow review
I took a sneaky photo while she slept of Perfection Pillow IN-action

If you are a parent too, you’ll know how much we worry about our children’s on-going aches and pains and you’ll also appreciate what an enormous relief it is to us when these are alleviated.

Now fortunately for me she went a way for a week in early July which meant that I have been allowed to sleep on this pillow for a whole week!

So what makes the Perfection Pillow so special?

  • It’s made of a unique reflex foam which is very soft and comfortable.
  • The structure of the foam allows for circulation of air to keep your head cool at night.
  • It has an unusual shape consisting of two hollowed areas on either side of the top of the pillow so that it has a right and a left side.
  • This unique shape helps keep your neck and back aligned while you sleep.
  • The arch of the lower edge of the pillow fits comfortably between your shoulder and neck.
  • Your head is tilted at the ideal angle to help keep your air-ways open.
  • There’s a special off on the website at the moment, more pillows you buy, the more discount you get!

What does the Reflex Pillow website have to say?

“Designed for both side and back sleepers, Perfection Pillow’s unique shape and specially formulated ‘reflex foam’ make this pillow perfection.”

“A revolutionary support structure is Perfection Pillow’s key innovation. Expertly designed for the anatomy of your body, Perfection Pillow keeps your head, neck, shoulders, and entire cervical spine in correct alignment while you sleep.”

The website discusses how studies in sleep science demonstrate the importance of good pillow design and mentions that the pillow can help reduce sleep apnoea, snoring, insomnia and teeth grinding.

What do we have to say about the Perfection Pillow?

This is one of those pillows that makes you smile when you lie down, it also makes you love your bed and sleeping even more than normal – if that’s possible. I love how it supports my neck and curves around the shape of my head. It feels firm to lie on but moulds gently to the shape of your head.

The pillow is covered in a very soft and downy fabric which is removable (zipped) for washing. I placed a normal pillow case over the pillow after the first night as I found the fabric too warm for the summer months.  I really like that it comes with its own slip cover though as so that the pillow has an extra layer of protection.

The pillow has a very slight ridge down the centre, this is so that each side is hollowed, but both Rebecca and I agree that we find the ridge slightly annoying. You have to make sure you are lying either on the right or the left hand side of the pillow which means you can’t simply roll over, you have to reposition your head. I can see why this ridge is necessary though for correct alignment of the head and they do say you need to allow time to get used to your pillow.

The only major down side of this pillow are the arguments over who is allowed to use it, with three other siblings and two parents who are all vying for a turn, we might end having with an excessive number of pillow fights in this household.

If you suffer from any form of sleep disturbance or you are looking to replace your pillow with a particularly special pillow then I would definitely recommend this one.

If you’d like your own Perfection Pillow, you can find it here on their website.

**UPDATE! Since I wrote this post, my husband has been using the pillow. He has broad shoulders and struggles to lie comfortatably on his side, however, he has to because if he sleeps on his back I kick him in the shins to stop him snoring. This pillow on top of one other ordinary one is the perfect height for him and not only is he delighted and sleeping well but I’m not kicking him at night any longer.

*This amazing pillow was kindly sent to us by Reflex Pillow for review purposes, all opinions are my own*

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20 thoughts on “The Perfection Pillow by Reflex Pillow – a review”

  1. Always on the look out for the perfect pillow, for me and for the little ones! Not sleeping well comes as part of having Rheumy pain! Looks awesome and I hope I can get one of these soon #KCACOLS

    1. It’s a little known fact that I also snore if I sleep on my back and have been known to wake myself on occasion! I’ll try and appropriate this pillow for a couple of nights and let you know how it helps. The ridge is more like a small bump, I think you’d get used to it.

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