My flowerbed fantasy - botanical gardens, Nantes

Above: My flowerbed fantasy – Botanical Gardens, Nantes

This is a post I’m writing for myself, but you’re welcome to read it. It’s possibly about gardening – which I’m not great at – but it could equally be about a book.

All I had was a germ of an idea. I didn’t have a ‘story to tell’ that they say is inside everybody, but rather just a notion. I took my little germ and planted it in the soil of some whimsical ambition and it has taken root. It appears to me that the shoots that are starting to come up have this way of growing all by themselves as I try and trim or feed the story with a combo of feel-good sunshine, watery tears of frustration and manure (detritus). It’s exciting how that happens, how you are surprised by the very words that come from your own fingers because they are unexpected and better than you imagined!

In that way it’s exactly like painting. I could grab my brushes, paints and canvas and mix colours according to my sense of what feels right. I may have a vague notion in my head of what I’d like to achieve, or I may even have a well thought-out plan complete with rough sketches and preliminary mock-ups. But the final results always take me by surprise, they are not what I saw in my mind’s eye before I began.

I wonder how that happens? There are thoughts and ideas in our own minds that we are not even aware of, even though we live with them all the time. All it takes for them to be revealed is to take those first tentative steps, to plant that seed and then to keep nurturing it with the food it needs to grow.

I have been slowly working on my novel when I can or when I am motivated enough to keep going, and little by little, as others have come and given my little story some love, it has been creeping up a wall until today when it burst out with a flower – the number one spot on the top 20 books on ChapterBuzz!

just keep going with your writing
number one bloomin’ book

I am amazed and humbled. My semi-written story has got to that point through people reading it and liking it. I know I have not written the best piece of writing  – this is merely the first draft, and also the book is not even finished. But I do know that it won’t get any better if it just sits like that and I never do any more. The only way to improve in my writing ability is to just keep on writing.

However, I am a terrible gardener and this is where my metaphor worries me a little. As the concerns of life take over, my flowerbeds are left to fend for themselves. The results wouldn’t be Pinterest worthy. Weeding has never been a joy to me and here is where I think my book may wither.

my flowerbed reality - at home, with one flower
My flowerbed reality – at our house, only one flower and plensch weeds

I am writing this though just to tell myself that because I have got this far, I can keep going until it is finished. All it takes is to just keep writing. No one else is going to do this for me. I’m not doing this for anybody else but me, in that the act of writing will only bring me enjoyment. Actually, being a mother of four and a wife, I’ve realised there are very few things I do for nobody else but me. (Keeping myself clean and I feeding myself are two of the things I can think off the top of my head that I do exclusively for my own benefit, I’m sure there must be other things too – just, my brain is not quite altogether). However, the produce of writing will most likely only bring others enjoyment because by the time it’s done I’m bound to be stuffed full of it!

So this flower today in that sunny spot on the wall is lovely – it has bloomed to encourage me. Hopefully, as more and more motivational flowers pop out to cheer me along one day, my little plant may finally bear a full and satisfying fruit. Which I hope then that you will then enjoy the eating of. xx

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24 thoughts on “The thing I do for nobody else but me, until it’s done”

  1. First time on your blog via #TheMMLinky – love analogies about gardening and have used them before in poetry or my attempt at it. One thing I can see immediately is that you are a powerful writer so I will be back to see more

  2. Wow well done on your fledgling book. I love gardening and the rewards are so much more than the effort involved, maybe it’ll be the same for you with your book which I look forward to one day reading.

  3. DO IT! Way to go!! And this: “…how you are surprised by the very words that come from your own fingers because they are unexpected and better than you imagined!” Love that.

  4. Funny, I’ve always thought that about gardening, I always seem to get creative thoughts, and a real thought flow going when I am out there pulling weeds and pottering around. I must admit I am strictly a fair-weather gardener. I write all-year round!

  5. I have to agree with some of the other comments, I’m strictly a fair weather gardener. When you have a passion for something though you can absolutely keep at it! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza, Merry Christmas! Xx

  6. Congratulations! This is brilliant! How great that you have the ambition to write a novel and that people are taking to it! Keep going – do that thing that is just for you! #blogcrush

  7. Well done on being a #blogcrush featured post — I will take that image with me of your good news from Chapter Buzz being the flower on that sunny spot on the wall. It’s great when something we planted finally blooms

  8. Perseverance – I’m a hopeless gardener too. Been planting herbs and only 3 types have flourished, the rest died on me. With one flower – that means at least one bloomed which is great. Let that be an encouragement and continue, we learn from our mistakes and will get better.#Blogcrush

  9. What a beautifully written metaphor, and one I think many of us could apply to our own pursuits. I think I needed the reminder right now about doing things for yourself and enjoying the process. Congratulations on your top 20 ranking! #BlogCrush

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