Time’s Up Party Game Review

Time’s Up Party Game Review


Time’s Up Party is an hilarious name game of quick-fire clues and guesses and this is my review after paying this as a family of adults, teens and an 11 year old. This is clever game as it is simple and easy to learn while providing loads of entertainment. It’s would be an ideal game for a large group or for parties like New Years Eve, adult and teenage birthdays or Youth Groups.

You may have played a game at a party which involves writing down names of celebrities, famous people or simply the name of somebody in the group on pieces of paper, popping them into a bowl and then describing these names to your team over three rounds where each round requires a different action? (E.g. describing, using only one word and miming). I have played this at family gatherings and other events over the past few years and really enjoyed the game. Well Time’s Up Party is an official game version of this, where all the names, the timer and the score cards are provided for you in one neat box.

The compact size makes it handy for taking on group holidays too.

How to Play Time’s Up Party

Setting up Time's Up
Setting up the game

You need to divide up into teams for Time’s Up Party. You can play this game with a minimum of two teams, but the more teams you have, the more time you have to wait to play your turn.

The object of the game is to have the most cards by the end by making the most amount of correct guesses. You have 30 seconds on your turn to get your team to guess as many cards as they can, it’s not easy and the pressure is intense, however, it is loads of fun!

At the beginning of the game, each player chooses ten cards and checks that they know the characters on the cards in their hand. If not they can swap them out for new cards. This is a clever strategy as it ensures every player will identify at least ten personalities during the game play. Everyone’s ten cards are then placed together in the little bag provided and these become the cards for the game.

Time’s Up Party consists of three rounds, in the first round you have to describe the characters on the cards without using any parts of their name. In the second round, you have to go back over all of the same cards but this time describe them with only using one word. On the final round you are only allowed to mime!

The game comes with 220 cards and each card has two names on it so you have a total of 440 names to guess. I think with repeated playing you would eventually become familiar with the names, however, you could easily add your own on blank cards and play with these instead.

view of box
External views of two sides of the box

As we have been stuck at home during lockdown it has only been possible to play this game with a maximum of six players but I would suggest it would be better to play in a larger group to have more diversity in the general knowledge of the players as some of the personalities provided on the cards would be unknown to younger players. It helps to distribute the age range of your players between the various groups, however, the game does come with a handy booklet of biographies to help you identify characters too.

I like how Time’s Up Party has an active element too as the round of charades gets you up and moving about. It has been a fun game to play although it has been frustrating playing when we were teams of only 2 players and one of the players was very young who struggled with some of the characters. I am looking forward to bringing this game on holidays with us and playing it with a larger group of people when we go camping with other families this summer.

Contents of Time’s Up Party

Time’s Up Party contains the following items:

  • A rule book
  • A Biography Booklet
  • A cloth bag for storing the cards in play
  • A score pad
  • A 30 second timer
  • 220 character cards containing 2 names each
contents of Time's Up Party

Specs of Time’s Up Party

  • For 4-12 players
  • Suitable for players aged 12 and up
  • Game play takes approximately 40 minutes but this depends on how large your group is.

Where to buy your own copy of the Time’s Up Party game:

The current RRP for Time’s Up Party is £16 or €18, however, there may be specials on at the moment! You can buy your own Time’s Up Party game here(Please note this is an affiliate link, if you make a purchase I receive a tiny commission at no extra cost to you).

Disclaimer: We were sent a free Time’s Up Party Game in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.

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