To My Blogging Friends in the States!

To My Blogging Friends in the States!

Our Great Eastern USA Road Trip 2018 – Log 1

Dear USA Bloggers Who Know Me

We are coming over to visit in July/August – all six of us (couldn’t leave our four kiddies behind). I realised I have made a number of friends here on WordPress, wouldn’t it be great to finally meet face to face if possible?

my pleased-to-meet-you face


Flights are booked and now I’m in the middle of planning, car rental booking, recommended-sites-reading and map perusing.

We will be travelling from Providence RI to New York City, Washington DC and down to friends in North Carolina. From there up to Chicago across to Niagara and back to Providence. If you live anywhere along that giant oval-ish route drop me a note to my e-mail address:ย and let’s try and grab a cuppa together, or you could even throw us a couple of mattresses on your floor for a night (smiley-face x 6). We promise to do our best to entertain you with witty banter and charming stories about Ireland or South Africa.

Alternatively, let me know your great family friendly tips and recommendations for things to see and do, cheap and clean places to stay, not-to-be-missed local foods to try en-route in the comments below.

Yours truly





14 thoughts on “To My Blogging Friends in the States!

  1. I would love to meet you in person! When you make it to Chicago you will find soooo much to see, do, and EAT!!! Stuffed spinach pan pizza from Giordano’s is the best. Italian beefs are a meal in and of itself. And you cannot forget a true Chicago style hot-dog — steamed, with mustard NOT ketchup, and with celery salt. The music venues are second to none. There are so many diverse neighbourhoods in Chicago. You would not have the time to visit all 77 of them. (Some you may not want to.) Try to catch an afternoon ballgame at Wriggly Field — Gotta see the Cubbies. However, if you want to be a South-sider and see the White Sox, I will let it slide!

    I do not know if you have ever been to the States, but my word of advice to you is to stay off the Interstate and travel the backroads. You will see so much more of the true America. Oh, and one more thing… If you rent a car and drive through Downtown Chicago and the light is red but the traffic cop waves you through, move and move fast! Chicago police are good for giving a tongue-lashing.

    I realise the U.S. is not presenting itself as a very nice place as of late (thank you, Dumb Donald). But you will not find a nicer place to visit with such a diverse people of every culture imaginable. If you so wish, I can email some links to local attractions and info you might like.

    Enjoy your visit and God bless!

      1. I will compile a list of things to do and places to go you may find interesting. Should we meet in person I would love to treat you and your family to dinner at Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket ( One of my favourites for Southern cooking!

        Here is a link from an article I wrote last August featuring an Italian Beef ( It speaks of how people come together over food.

  2. sounds like a fab trip, i’ve not visited the east coast but hubby and i took the 4 kids in 2007 on a 4 week tour of the west coast, thankfully we have family in California and Oregon and we took a 4 man tent with us, the kids slept in the tent, in barns, on sofas and us on floors, we camped in woods, the last time i put out an appeal to someone to stay with them I ended up flying from Dubai to Toronto for 3 weeks and sleeping in a twitter friends spare room, enjoy

    1. Also with four kids, just the opposite coast! Camping sounds like fun, you’d need to know where to avoid the bears wouldn’t you? I love how we can make friends from across the world on-line and then get to meet them one day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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