Today is not about doing but being

Today is NOT all about Doing, but Being

do be do be dooo

Today I’m as tired, as tired as can be,
From lying awake ’til a quarter to three.
Thinking about all the things left undone
How dusting and vacuuming sucks all my fun.

Next I lay pondering parenting fears.
I’m a mother of four with guilt in arrears.
I wonder if doing my best is enough
When outside’s a world where the going is tough.

A day lies ahead with a multitude piling
Of menial jobs that leave me unsmiling.
I’m overwhelmed now by the tasks in my head
Especially as I can’t even get out of bed.

But first I sip slowly on my lovely hot brew
And choose not to think of the ‘things I must do’.
I silently give thanks for the joys in my life,
Like children and warm beds and that I’m a wife.

I know he’s not perfect but then neither am I
So I thank him, hug him and dab my tears dry
I think of my children it’s them that I’m seeing,
Today is NOT all about Doing, but Being.

Today I acknowledge the things that I do
Are not what define me, but lend meaning to
My whole life ahead and that which has past.
These small acts of loving become something so vast.

I will tackle my tasks one after the other
Framed within context of wife and of mother
Of daughter and sister, aunty and friend
And of Him who gives purpose until my life’s end.

I will not get all worried over stuff in their piles
I will try and relish the moments and smiles
It’s not what I do, it’s the worth that I hold
Which in each individual is more precious than gold.

I want to remember the reasons I’m here
To fix my gaze forward, to spread some good cheer
To focus my thoughts on the hope that is certain
Of future delights beyond the great curtain.

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61 thoughts on “Today is NOT all about Doing, but Being”

  1. At last!
    A poem that scans.
    A poem that rhymes
    I’m sick of the waffle
    That’s only short lines.
    What’s more there was rhythm
    And thoughts with some meaning
    And none of the rubbish
    That ought to be screwed up and used to light the fire on a cold night.

  2. Beautiful, such perfect sentiment. I wish I’d read this yesterday morning when I was tired and the day ahead seemed overwhelming. We all need to think like this on those kind of days. Thanks for sharing, I love it. #TheMMLinky

  3. Absolutely loved reading this… I’ve also decided on less DOING this month. No more striving! Well… other than for uni, but that kind of goes with the territory. πŸ™‚

  4. Liberty this is just the most perfect poem! What a talent! I love your sentiment that you do these small, menial tasks IN THE CONTEXT of being a mother and a wife – that is really profound and something I will remind myself when it feels dreary and unimportant #blogcrush

  5. This is great and I’m right there with you! We can’t do everything and sometimes you have to just stop and leave the jobs and chill out. #blogstravaganza

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