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Top 59 Valentine’s Day Travel Destinations – A Parents’ Wishlist

Top 59 Valentine’s Day Travel Destinations – A Parents’ Wishlist

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Parents are people who fantasize about holidays where we are always allowed to eat our own dinner. We imagine that not looking like a pack mule in the airport could be slightly marvelous and wonder whether sitting in silence for ten minutes or longer on a beach without a bucket and spade will ever be possible again. My husband and I have been away on our own for weekends here or there, but it took us about ten years of parenting before we got that right – we are slow learners. (Also, we have four kids, so although we need the break, it’s hard to find people who are willing to take that many all at once!) We DO travel with our kids, in fact we do it more than we don’t.

The thing is, we still crave romance (mm, do you remember that?) and the small ‘obstacles’ in our lives make us desire it even more. I asked parents in South Africa, Ireland and the UK if they could pick anywhere in the whole world, what would they like to do and where would they like to go to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day. It was meant to be a bit of escapist fun on a dreary Irish early February day but I was (almost) overwhelmed by the feedback, we mums and dads are a little desperate for a break at times – all the photographs of sun-drenched beaches that came piling in started to depress me even further.

White beach and blue sea

Who would not love this beach in the Maldives?! – by Tracey Kifford, packthepjs.com

However, I was cheered noticing how may people associated their ideal romantic destinations with either the place where they first met their spouse, or the place where they spent their honeymoons – we DO remember how it feels to be romantic. We love our kids but we still hanker after that time of romance long, long ago…because without it our dear little ones would not be here at all.

So here it is, the list of our top 59 choices with some comments and links to blogs where appropriate. Which ones do you most identify with?


Neuschwanstein, iconic romance, by Derwiki, Pixabay
Neuschwanstein, iconic romance, by Derwiki, Pixabay
  1. Ireland – Caherdaniel Beach co Kerry ‘A walk followed by a pint of Guinness in the local pub’, Mary
  2. Germany – ‘In a castle’ (Not just any old Germany) Sonia
  3. Gibraltar – UK ‘It’s where me & my husband met and I lived as a child so picnic on the beach watching the sunset please.’ Sara
  4. Oxford – UK ‘It was where we went for our first date.’ backwithabump.co.uk
  5. Amsterdam – Holland ‘my favourite place’ Amy
  6. Zermatt – Switzerland ‘where we got married’ Eileen
  7. The Alps – France, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, or Slovenia? Did you know the Alps extended to 7 countries? ‘Somewhere beautiful with snow. Maybe a nice luxury cabin or something, with a nice fireplace and maybe pampering stuff.’ Minimummiblogger.com
  8. The French Alps – France ‘A glorious day of skiing, followed by dinner in a cosy mountainside, snowed-in chalet, and a sauna.’ fouracorns.ie
  9. Paris – France ‘I would love to go to the most romantic place on earth or so we hear and hubby and I have never been!’ everafterwithkids.com
  10. The Camino Way – Spain ‘Not everyone’s cup of tea but walking the Camino! We love big walks and hiking and always have our best, deepest conversations when we are half way up a mountain’. instagram.com/lyla_and_co
  11. Seville – Spain ‘I would love to go back to Seville. It’s a beautiful romantic City. Really pretty with ceramics around the buildings, tapas bars spilling out onto the streets with tiny tables hugging the walls. Palm trees everywhere and people make a real effort with how they dress. It also has a great climate.’ mammaprada.com
  12. Prague – Czech Republic. ‘The city we got engaged in and ended up going back there for IVF a couple of times too. It is my favourite city – any time of the year’. irishbabyfairy.com
  13. Sweden – The Ice Hotel ‘It looks amazing and something completely different from the norm.’ householdmoneysaving.com
  14. Finland ‘A log cabin with a sauna by a lake that you can cool down in’. Alexandra
  15. Finland ‘A night in a glass igloo in Finland watching the Northern lights’ Julia
  16. a Norwegian Fjord ‘on a cruise’ John
  17. Iceland ‘We’ve been craving a trip to take a dip in the blue pool, climb down into a volcano, and see the northern lights together.’ havekidswilltraveluk.com
  18. Iceland ‘A dip in the Blue Lagoon and a precious moment under the northern lights is my valentines dream’ mummyswhineclub.com
  19. Iceland ‘blue lagoon, black sand beaches, northern lights! It looks amazing!’ 2nerdsandababy.com
  20. Verona and Voltera – Italy ‘I think Verona is the most romantic place I’ve been or Voltera a bit outside Florence I’d love to go with himself as I had done it with friends’ mindmadnessmilesandmummetime
  21. Tuscany- Italy ‘Visiting medieval hilltop towns and sipping Chianti with lunch. We had a little Tuscan tour BC. So relaxing and breathtakingly gorgeous. Lucca, Sienna, San Gimignano and Elba. Beam me up!’ Shinnersandthebrood
  22. Sicily – Italy ‘A week in completely cut off from the real world’. mumsmakeupbag.com
  23. Rome – Italy ‘We went on honeymoon and it was a fantastic trip, the history, the food, the wine’ thetullytales.com
  24. Rome, again – ‘I’d take my wife to Rome. One day.’ Brian
  25. Italy – Its such a beautiful place but right now with how cold it is I would say ANYWHERE hot please!’ arepops.com
    village in the Tuscan hills
    Tuscan village nestling in the hills – Stocksnap

    The Americas

    city skyline by night
    New York is spectacular all lit up. – Pixabay
  26. New York ‘I’ve wanted to go there for years and years. My husband thinks I’d hate it because I can’t cope with Asda being busy on a Saturday’ ricecakesandraisins.co.uk
  27. Route 66 in the States –‘on the back of a motorcycle with my hubby.’ Karen
  28. Nashville ‘Listening to country music on Broadway and staying in the Hutton Hotel. Love it.’ www.itsjustaphase.ie
  29. Las Vegas ‘Completely immerse myself in everything Vegas is famous for’. mumsmakeupbag.com
  30. Grand Canyon ‘I would like to drink champagne whilst taking a helicopter ride’ ridingbootsforboo.com
  31. Walt Disney World in Florida ‘I would absolutely love to spend the day with Mickey and Minnie in the happiest place on earth!!’ Twinderelmo.co.uk
  32. The Caribbean ‘It would have to be a cruise like we did for our honeymoon I’d sell my soul to go again it was just like you’d see on the tv!’ ourwheelybigjourney.com
  33. Aruba ‘I could explore and go scuba diving, tropical drinks would be nice also.’ Sonia
  34. Hawaii ‘I’d love to go back, it was so beautiful and relaxed. The scenery was breathtaking and snorkeling was even better than I could have imagined.’ survivinglifeshurdles.com
  35. Galapagos Islands ‘Mine would be a romantic getaway for two on a private yacht. Swimming with turtles, snorkelling on the reefs and then exploring the wildlife on the islands every day. With a private chef on board too and wine cellar to rival Gordon’s Wine Bar.’ welshmum.co.uk
  36. Peru ‘I would love to go and feel like we’re on top of the world at Machu Picchu. That’s my ideal Valentine destination!’ monkeyandmouse.co.uk
  37. Peru ‘I would love to go to Lake Titicaca in. I went to Peru twice before I met the Other Half and would really love to take him there and explore together.’ starlightandstories.com
  38. Costa Rica ‘We’re adrenaline junkies so we’d love to zip line and white water raft in the jungles together. We don’t get to take kid free trips at the moment so doing stuff like that for us is what we’d love!’ havekidswilltraveluk.com
  39. Havana – Cuba ‘We had our first holiday there as a couple and I would love to head back and explore Havana a bit more – especially the rum!’ thentherewerethree.uk
    Tiny helicopter in the sky above the Grand Canyon
    Flight of fanciness, Elena Hruleva, Barn Images


    Toyko at night – Karen Winter @ Karen Winter Photography
  40. Lankawi Island – Malaysia ‘Days in the pool with a cocktail bar, nights in the bay on the beach…. lush!’ diaryofafirstchild.com
  41. Ubud – Bali. ‘I felt so peaceful there and loved how crafty and creative it is. Plus it was obscenely hot and we had such a lovely time all those years ago it would be great to make some new updated memories!’ pinkpearbear.com
  42. Japan ‘Tokyo on a rainy night… most romantic walk in Feb or a walk over one of the bridges of the city Kyoto. Love the temples there.’ Karen
  43. Maldives ‘Luxury ocean condo with a bottomless seafood and champagne spread’ Olivia
  44. Maldives ‘A water bungalow in the would do nicely!’ backwithabump.co.uk
  45. Maldives ‘The bright sun, the beautiful calm blue sea, the silence … it’s total chill-out bliss!’ packthepjs.com
    Bali – Louise Williams, pinkpearbear.com


    Dawn in Coramandel New Zealand – Eoin McNinch
  46. The Coramandel Peninsula – New Zealand ‘Where my wife and I spent our first night in a campervan on the first day of an amazing holiday.’ Eoin
  47. Hobbiton – New Zealand ‘My husband and I are big geeks so we’d love to spend the day at where part of the Lord of the rings is filmed!’justbuttonsblog.co.uk
  48. New Zealand ‘Back to visit my best friend ever.’ Margaret
  49. Kaikoura – New Zealand. ‘Whale watching, Oddly enough my daughter said she would take me there when she earned enough from her first job. To hear her say that was the best thing ever.’ Suzanne
  50. Cape tribulation – Australia’s north east coast. ‘I still remember the feeling of peace and awe looking out across the ocean there and feeling like we were standing on the edge of the world.’ Melanie


    Okavango Delta, Botswana – one of the last true wilderness areas. Katja, Pixabay
  51. ‘I’d love to go on an African safari and stay in a wooden tree top house under the stars!’ lyliarose.com
  52. Mauritius – ‘I’d like to go back to where we got married in and drink champagne under the stars whilst we reminisce’ familytravelwithellie.com

    Basically Anywhere at ALL!

  53. ‘A log cabin in a forest or the mountains with fur throws and a roaring log fire sounds very appealing to me.’ kippersandcurtains.com
  54. ‘See the Northern Lights or sit on a tropical beach for a picnic’. Jorika
  55. ‘Anywhere sunny and warm!’ Susan
  56. Northern Lights watching snuggled under a blanket’ boorooandtiggertoo.com
  57. ‘Right now it would be in the middle of nowhere, with no disturbances and no wifi. Just somewhere cosy with a good selection of cheesy films and food.’ asliceofmylifewales.com
  58. ‘I would love to go to a private island for valentines. I’m pretty sure we can do loads of romantic things there like kayaking, camping, star gazing etc. Plus I can wear a bikini because nobody else is there to look (hopefully).’ myparentingjourney.com
  59. ‘Narnia? Basically somewhere the kids can’t find us!’ thegrowingmum.com
These last responses are from parents who really don’t care where they go anymore, even fantasy worlds sound appealing.

Some Interesting Results from this Survey:

  • ISLANDS! Did you notice how most people either want a tropical island or the ice and snow? Iceland and the Maldives both tied with thee mentions each – we are extreme parents! Either way, islands top the charts in terms of our most favourite destinations with 22 mentions (including Ireland and New Zealand).
  • Italy topped the European charts as the country with the most mentions (6).
  • And the EXPERIENCE that won the most votes for being the MOST mentioned is viewing the NORTHERN LIGHTS – clearly viewed as the most romantic of all. Have you been?

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And finally, there was only one Mammy who said this:

“Ooohhh, I love everyone’s ideas, I think they all sound lovely. For me, if you’re with the person you love and you both make effort to make it romantic, then anywhere becomes the most romantic place in the world.” Maire-Aine

Which proves that the Irish are the most romantic people I the world, I LOVE that sentiment!
But thanks for asking, my first choice would be the Maldives, because I have been wanting to go since I heard about it in my first job 1997 and I still haven’t been.
Oh please husband take me there! – Rommeau, Pixabay
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Gibralta – Sara Clayton
Seville – Kristie Prada, mammaprada.com
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31 thoughts on “Top 59 Valentine’s Day Travel Destinations – A Parents’ Wishlist

  1. Quite a list! #27 would be my choice. However, nix the romance part. My idea of romance at this point in my life is good friends, good food, and good times wherever they my be. What can I say. I am a cheap and easy date! Um, I mean inexpensive and easy to please.

    1. Thanks for popping by and for your suggestion. The list is a bit long, which I choose to be a motivator! I think there are many more places in Ireland that could be added too like the Skellings, the Burren and the Wicklow mountains – just not all that exotic to us living here now!

  2. This is great! #59 had it for me! I’m not sure about the Maldives anymore after friends of ours had to collect and move all the frogs from their private pool in the middle of the night only for them to return 10 minutes later – i think that put a dampner on any romance! 😂😂

  3. I’ve got a major travel bug at the mo. We’ve got Greece booked for family holiday in August but that’s so far away! We still haven’t been on our honeymoon yet (only been 3 years since we got married!!) so yet to have that ‘romantic’ destination!

    1. Oh I’ve never been to Greece and that’s definitely on my bucket list, strange it wasn’t mentioned here! We’ve also booked for August, to the States and like you I feel it’s too far away. Hope you manage to have a honeymoon soon!!

  4. Oh now I’m itching to get on a plane! I’d go to any of these places right now! It feels like everyone is suddenly away this half term! We particularly love America and I can’t wait to get to New York one day. We are doing a road trip along the east coast of Florida this Summer and we are so excited! #blogstravaganza

  5. This post is one to visit time and time again for inspiration and just because it is a lovely celebration of travel and the world. I am Irish and I agree that with the right person/people and with a lack of stress romance can thrive just about anywhere #TheMMLinky

  6. Ahh I think if it was specifically for Valentine’s Day I’d want to visit either Paris or New York! Most likely Paris. I know it’s so cliche, but I’ve never been! ❤

  7. I’m not one for travel, never had the urge. My favourite place to escape to, however, is London. Saying that, we occasionally swap houses with my mum. She comes to mine and looks after the kids, I go to hers and relax. That is romantic enough for me xx

  8. For me, it would have to be Fiji. Went there as part of our honeymoon trip and it was just everything I expected and more. Sadly Tahiti (another part of our honeymoon trip) was beautiful but I would not rush back there. Fiji was such a stark comparison. #TheMMLinky

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