Tried and Tested December Product Review

Tried and Tested December Product Review – Blue Coffee Box, Botonique Blush and Chewymoon

With Christmas around the corner our heads are filled with the practicalities of sourcing supplies, either edible or gift worthy. I don’t know about you but I feel the logistics required for this job has equipped me by now with the necessary skills to manage a large department store.

One thing we are defintiely NOT thinking about, however, is school. But I concede that there are always those rare organised parents who like to plan ahead. So here are three consumable and/or gift ideas that could come in handy, not just over the next few days but throughout the year.

I was sent these products in exchange for my honest review.

Blue Coffee Box Subscription

contents of Blue coffee box, three packs of coffee and three cards with tasting notes

Blue Coffee Box is a gourmet coffee subscription service with coffee ethically sourced from seventeen countries around the world, roasted in the UK and delivered to your door. The box is slender enough to fit through a standard letter box and contains three different 155gm bags of coffee with tasting cards.

Based on your preferences you can choose the type of coffee and frequency of delivery. The website is easy to use, the ordering process allows you to specify whether you like whole bean or ground, based on the type of coffee machine you use, and also offers various roast options.

There are different payment plans available depending on how many months you’d like to have the subcription. You can also specify whether this is for yourself or a gift for someone else.

This box I received contained whole bean coffee from Kenya, Mexico and Myanmar. Whole bean coffee is the freshest way to drink coffee as it allows you to grind the beans at home. The smell of coffee is definitely one of the pleasures of the brewing process and I love having a quick sniff of the fresh grounds before I put the pot on to brew!

The coffee was all full and flavoursome and utterly delicious! I loved reading the cards which contained information on each coffee farm – its history and farming process – as well as the name of the roasters in the UK. Each coffee also has distinct flavour notes, the Rioki AA has fig, orange and butterscotch, the Finca has milk chocolate and hazelnuts and the Ngu Shwelli has plum apple and toffee.

I would recommend a coffee subscription service for a couple who are both working and don’t have much time to shop. This would be an ideal gift for a coffee lover too. Now where’s my cup, I think it’s time for a refill!


botonique blush bottle

Botonique Blush is pitched as a healthy, non alcoholic sparkling drink for wine lovers. If I have a drink, wine would be my first choice so I was keen to try this as an alternative as I’m not a heavy drinker and I don’t like the light-headed feeling after a couple of drinks!

This is what Botonique have to say about this drink:

Botonique is a satisfying alternative to alcohol that replaces the nutrients alcohol depletes – a sparkling blend of de-alcoholised botanical extracts enriched with Prelixir vitamins, minerals and amino acids, with just a touch of pear juice. Crisp & refreshing, deliciously dry.

We were invited to Thanksgiving dinner this year at the home of an American friend and the bottle or Botonique Blush arrived just in time for dinner! It was shared between five of us and we all had a different verdict.

bottle of Botonique blush on dining table

It looks like a glass of sparkling wine and is attractive but I found the initial smell to be slightly overpowering. It has a strong floral smell so I expected the drink to have a strong taste too. However, the flavour is mild and with a hint of pepperiness which combined with the bubbles is very refereshing. I liked that it is not as sweet as flavoured sparkling water beverages and so it is a good accompaniment to savoury food.

glass of botonique blush

I also liked that I had a glass of something that was slightly more sophisticated than a regular soda or fruit juice and that also contains no artificial sweetners

My friends opinions were largely positive too, some expected the drink to be sweet so it took a slight adjustment getting used to the flavour. I used to have a terrible sweet tooth and an insatiable appetite for fist-sized chocolate rum balls from the local corner shop in my distant student days. Strangely that has all changed, (except for the student bit!) and now I prefer dry wine and savoury dishes so, apart from the initial scent, this would be an ideal drink for me.

For more information on Botonique Blush, Botonique original and their delivery options visit their website here. At the moment they have an offer of free delivery on orders over £60 for the month of December.


cover of chewymoon box

Chewymoon is “Created by nutritionists, approved by parents, loved by kids” and is a brightly coloured and fun box of ten mini snacks, ideal for lunchboxes.

This is another subscription service, aimed at kids this time, and the cost starts at £5.48 per week. You can choose the contents of your box and the frequency of billing.

As well as the snacks, the box also contains a collectable card, a nutrition leaflet, stickers and a cast of cartoon characters.

Our box contained popped cheddar, cola raisins, cocoa flapjack, raspberry fingers, strawberry stars, carrot orange wedges, mango fingers, melon fingers, chashews and peas, and vanilla biccies.

ten snacks, cards and stickers
box contents

I think this is a briliant idea for todders and primary school kids as a healthy snack option. These are nutritionaly researched and healthy snacks, they taste great and are also fun to eat as each one comes in its own brightly coloured box with a different character on the front.

Little fingers may need adult help in opening the plastic sealed wrap of the litle boxes.

I loved how there were some interesting new ideas, like the popped cheddar and the cashews and peas (which was my favourite). My kids enjoyed them all but declared the fruit ones to be really ‘lifelike’!

For busy parents who work long hours and yet would like to be assured their children are eating healthily throughout the day, this would be an ideal subscription service to receive once a week through the letterbox.

You can subscribe to their service on their website

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Tried and Tested December Product Review - Blue Coffee Box, Botonique Blush and Chewymoon

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