Trying-not-to-get-into-a-Hump day.

family group photo with lighthouse above

Today is Wednesday, or ‘hump’ day because it’s is the hump you have to get over in the middle of the week, it’s downhill to the weekend from here. Reason enough for a celebration – YAY. Except I have an awful confession – there was a time I used to dread the weekends when the house is full. I hate to admit it, but the hustle and bustle of family life, four kids, toys and clothes all over the floors, food and dishes all over the kitchen, noisy arguments, wet doggy footprints and tending the garden could completely overwhelm me to the point that I’m irritable and longing to be left alone. Give me the quietness and order of the weekday mornings anyday!

One Friday past, when we were sitting around the dinner table, my husband was saying how much he looked forward to Saturday. When I replied that I wasn’t, they all stared at me in shocked silence. How could I not look forward to them all being at home? Their hurt faces caused me to pause and collect my thoughts a bit.

I resolved to institute a few changes – in myself firstly! I know it stems from me wanting to be in control, to have order, to write in peace. But family life takes compromise and clever prioritising of one’s time. I started to look for the things I am grateful for on a Saturday and working the things I would like to do or need to do in to the days which are quieter.

So these things I know are definite:

  • I have four happy children
  • I have a loving husband
  • I have a home

What could be more important than that? (I have also started roping the kids in to helping us with more of the chores, that also helps A LOT although the moaning is a challenge in itself).

I am still a work in progress and have to keep on reminding myself that these times will pass so it is important that I enjoy them while I can. When the house is quiet and orderly everyday one day in the future, and I have no choice about it, I know I am going to miss the hustle and bustle!

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    1. Liberty On the Lighter Side - (LOLS)

      Thanks for that and for your support, I really am grateful for your encouragement. 🙂

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