The girl with a bandana obscuring half of her face steps back to admire her work. Then abruptly she turns as she hears running footsteps approach the mouldering arches of her hidden world. The spray can she drops into a canvas bag clunks softly. The cloying sharpness of spray paint collides with the sourness of damp from the canal and she pinches her nose to prevent a sneeze.

A shimmering apparition transforms into a feminine figure wearing a large wedding dress and flowing train, she steps around a pile of broken bricks at the entrance into the gloom. Crushed flowers are falling from her hair and mascara escapes down her cheeks in spider-leg trails. The undercover artist yanks off her bandana. “Go back,” she growls.

“I can’t”, the runaway bride collapses against the wall.

“You have to!”

“Well, I won’t,” she looks down.

The undercover artist moves closer to the bride, says between clenched teeth, “I’ve warned you, if you don’t go now there’ll be hell to pay”.

The young bride slides down to the stony ground, her dress poufs up embracing her body in a whispering cloud, she drops her head onto her folded arms.

The undercover artist asks, “What the hell are you playing at Lulu? You told me you’d stick it out. This was your chance but you’ve always been such a loser – Loopy Lu the Loser!”

Lulu looks up, “Shut-up Lina, you’re the one who got us into this mess in the first place”.

Heavier footsteps can be heard crunching along the tow path beside the canal, drawing closer to their cave-space. Vaun pauses as his eyes adjust and then, “What the…? You weren’t meant to get here ‘til late tonight after the reception!” He kicks a bunch of pebbles into the water, the plops are sluggish, echoing dully off the arched ceiling.  Ripples move over the layer of vibrant green scum which obscures what lies below. “Nicely played you freakin’ idiot, now how are we going to scrape together the dough to get out of this dump of a town? Just one more wedding is all we need”.

Lulu wipes the back of her hand across her eyes, “I don’t care, I’m not going to be the one to do your dirty work anymore.”

Lina’s eyes flash white as she glances across at Vaun. “Quick, there’s still time, I’ll do it”.

Vaun glances along the tow path and then grabs Lulu’s arms, pulling her upwards.

“OW, LET GO!” she shrieks as Lina grasps the back of the dress and rips it open.

Shut up you useless piece!” hisses Vaun between clenched teeth

Tiny buttons rain into the water and scatter among the stones on the path. “LINA, STOP !” Lulu tries to pull away. The canal is less than a metre away as Lina yanks the dress from Lulu’s body. Lulu twists and tugs, slipping on the gravel, but Vaun’s grip is iron tight.

Lina hastily discards her t-shirt and hugs the torn dress around her body, over her dirty jeans. “Vaun, use this to fix the back,” she carefully removes a large safety pin from her earlobe.

Vaun shoves Lulu away and she stumbles over Lina’s bag. Shivering she wraps her arms around her cold, underware-clad flesh. As he crudely pins the back of the corset together Lulu mutters, “This will never work”.

“Of course it will,” says Lina. “The groom’s too old and half-gaga to know the difference.” She bends down to pick up a couple of the stray flowers. “Meet you here later tonight, Love,” she calls over her shoulder to Vaun as she runs out.

“Fleece ‘em Honeybunch!” he replies.

With narrowed eyes Lulu watches the fast receding form of her twin. She glances at the dark water and purses her lips. She hates Vaun, the slimebag, how dare he use her. He’s just like the ones before, all wrapped up in their own pathetic schemes.

Vaun saunters over with Lina’s discarded top and lowers himself next to Lulu. “Come here pretty, let’s warm you up before your sister gets back”, his breath reeks of his coffee-cigarette combo. Just as he leans in she forcefully directs the contents of the can of spray paint straight into his eyes. He yells as he gropes about. Lulu stands to bring the full force of a brick down on his head knocking him out. Scrabbling, she heaps more bricks in under his clothing and jacket and finally with a heave she pushes him until he rolls over and into the water.

And once again! This is the way I want it Lina, will you never learn that I’m the one to look after us? ‘Something bold, No one new, Everything borrowed, Just me and you.’

2 thoughts on “Undercover”

  1. I love it Liberty, and definitely love the ending. You feel yourself wanting to push the bugger into the water, but for a minute there I thought it was going to be Lulu who met a watery grave. Very well written, great plot.

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