Hi and welcome, I am Liberty and I live on the lighter side of life…mostly. I am a South African mum of four (2 tweens and 2 teens) living in Ireland. We love making a mess – I think it’s called being creative(?), inviting friends over for a braai (sort of like a barbeque, only better), and going on adventures – around Ireland or the world. 

You could read a whole long personal spiel about me here if you really want to.

But enough about me, are you a looking for a blogger to promote your product or brand? 

My blog is mostly read by women in the 25 to 55 age range, usually parents, and living in the UK, USA, South Africa and Ireland.

If you’d like to get in touch and find out how you can work with me, contact me via email at admin@libertyonthelighterside.com.

In what ways will I help you?

  • I am an engaged and active tweeter and run giveaways on Twitter which increase brand visibility,
  • The posts on my Facebook pages invoke great responses and offer something different everyday,
  • I have mighty craic (!) with my Instagram stories, I just love the feedback and interaction,
  • I am a Graphic Designer with training in both web design and layout, I understand the value of and have the essential tools necessary to ensure my posts are targeted towards a specific market,
  • My photography training has been put to good use in both my blog posts and Instagram feed to create visually appealing and carefully considered material,
  • I have won writing awards and I take great care in putting together well written, researched posts.

L.o.L.S. Featured in the Media

Click on this link to see when my blog or writing has been mentioned in various online and print publications.

Previous Review and Sponsored Posts

Here are some review, sponsored or promotional posts I have written. All opinions are my own, they will always be honest.


“I approached Liberty to trial a new health and fitness plan that I was launching and I was impressed with how fun, entertaining and engaging her blogs were. She created great content for my project above and beyond what was needed. If you are brand looking for a great blogger, I would highly recommend Liberty.” – Nikki Wibrow, 404040plan

Superbalist logo

“We absolutely love the post! Liberty is very professional and a dream to work with”. – Dudu Ntoni, Superbalist.

reflexpillow logo“We sent Liberty a Reflex Pillow to review. Delighted with the blog she wrote which was informative, personal and engaging as well as being well written and accompanied with lovely images. A professional and amiable blogger” – Emma, Reflex Pillow.

bluerocklogo“Liberty was quick, efficient and lovely to work with. The blog post was thoughtful and genuine. We hope to work with Liberty again as we grow our product range.” – Julie, BlueRock.

“Liberty’s worked hard and, honestly, it is so fab. It has been great working with her.” – Alison, Playtime PR


Some Brands and Products I have Worked with

Below are just some of the brands and products I have already worked with either on reviews on my blog or giveaways on social media. We love to review toys, games, healthy and tasty food, and any products or activities suitable for a family who love adventure and travel.

logos of Interplay, superbalist, walaroo, zimpli kids, brewers cup, sweetpeapantry, vagabond coffe roasters amongs others

And plenty more…

Once again, you can get in touch via email: admin@libertyonthelighterside.com or by using this form:

Looking forward to hearing from you,

many thanks,


Media Kit

My media kit is available here last updated 7th May 2019